Vehicle Access Barriers

Here at E S Fencing we supply and install various types of vehicle restriction barriers which each serve a different purpose, please see below the vehicle access barriers that we have available. For more information on our vehicle access barriers or if you require a quote please contact us.

 The most common of our barriers is the swing arm barrier which stops the access of any prohibited vehicles into a residental or public space.

Another common barrier is our hieght restriction barriers that can stop the access of vehicles of a specific hieght, our hieght barriers come clearly signed with a refective yellow and black chevron sign which state the maxium hieght. Both our height and swing arm barriers are supplied with a lockable latch as standard, this allows vehicle access to authorized personnel when nessecary. 

A further barrier that we can supply and install is the 'K barrier', this is a well established barrier which is an effective motorcycle control barrier. It is commonly used in  public parks and green spaces as it stops motorcycles but still allows access for pedestrians, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, double buggies aswell as bicycles.

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